One Simple Way To Lose Weight Very Fast And Keep It Off

How to lose weight fast keep it off At one point or another you might need to get rid of some extra pounds.  It is one of the biggest new year goal, which is why gym memberships spike high in January but sticking to losing, is not everyone’s cup of tea. My journey to finding the cure for permanent weight loss has taken me to many places and allowed me to speak with loads of people.  If you want to stick to your weight loss goal, you must have a clear plan of action but sometimes you need something bigger to provide wings to your efforts.  Read below to see What a mother of two did to come up with something bigger.


The mother of two in London UK who lost more than 4o pounds came up with a “Cause”, the reason “Why” you want to lose.

Reason for losing weight

When things you want to do in life are associated with a cause, there is more drive to get them done.

Thought Bite: A real genuine “Cause” is one of the biggest motivators for achieving fat loss greatness, even when the odds are against you.

For example, I have a friend who started smoking at the age of 15 and did so for 14 years. He tried to quite  many times in the past but didn’t live up to it.  One day, he came home and saw his 3 years old daughter with a cigarette in her hand.  He didn’t want that for his daughter and decided it was time to stop smoking.

This was six years ago.  Why did he stop smoking this time compared to the times before? What was the difference? The answer is a “Cause”. He didn’t want his daughter to smoke and that was his “cause”. He stopped smoking because this time around it was not just for himself but for his daughter also.

Find a Cause to Lose Weight

You want to lose weight and get rid of that extra, unwanted fat, find yourself a cause:

A friend of mine lost 25 pounds because her brother’s wedding was coming up and she wanted to look good in her dress.

Another friend was going on vacation with her family and wanted to look good in a swimsuit.

Sometimes the cause is stronger when it is set because of someone else.  You may want your partner to get back in shape or lose the unwanted weight.  Instead of nagging to eat healthy, what if you decided to get fitter yourself first.

Thought Bite: Anything you touch also touches you back

You losing weight will automatically make those around you think of losing as well. Your healthy lifestyle will also rub off on other people around you.

Like I said, “find a cause” to lose and you will have higher motivation to follow to the next stage.

Cause to lose weight can be positive or negative

Sometimes the cause can be negative as well. I have a friend who lost more than 20 pounds because she was stressed.  She thought her husband was cheating on her with another women.

Thought bite: There is an answer for everything in life, except doubt.

Her husband assured her, that was not the case but she did not believe him. She spoke to me about it and I thought what if it is her insecurity about her body which is nagging her. I suggested she should take care of herself better, eat right, exercise and look good when he returns home from work. It did two things:

Since she was spending more time doing things and less time thinking, she got in shape and also found a way to deal with doubt.  Her husband also noticed her changes and life went back to normal for them.

Hence, you should find a cause which is important enough for you to want to lose weight.  There is a simple way to find out if the cause is real internally driven or not.

Thought bite: It can’t be based on “Your Need to Lose Weight, you should Want to Loose it”.


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