How Protein at Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

How Protein at Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight   1

Breakfast is one meal that should never be skipped. Your body has not had any source of nutrition throughout the night and energy levels are at a low. If you plan on getting to school/work without your breakfast you will have a bad time. Brain functionality will be hindered and you will be far from working at your true potential.

Breakfasts vary depending on what region of the world you belong to, the British have a traditional breakfast of baked beans, meat cuts and tea whereas the Asia community has a more oily and fat based breakfast. One way to lose fat is to start your day off with a major serving of protein.

Protein fills up the stomach

Protein is a denser macronutrient as compared to carbohydrates and fats and it will take longer for the acids in the stomach to break it down and digest it. This means that it will take longer for hunger to set in and you will not be snacking immediately after breakfast. You will thereby avoid consuming useless calories and this will let your body use the fats stored in the body for its functions.

Lowers Blood sugar levels

Protein also keeps blood-sugar levels steady, which prevents the sudden hunger that occurs after a dramatic drop in blood sugar. You will not have sudden cravings and once again you will have successfully controlled consuming any useless calories. The effect will be the same as described in the previous paragraph and you will soon see a drop in your weight and a more toned body as the stored up fat is used.

Increase in metabolism

As explained earlier, protein is a dense macronutrient and to utilize it for energy the body needs to increase the metabolism levels to break it down. The energy required to increase the metabolism is again provided by utilizing the already stored fats in the body and even during the process of break down, proteins will be eating away at the fatty stores. The metabolism rate also takes a while to return to normal and even after the complete digestion of protein the fats will be burnt at the same rate.

Protein is the macronutrient that the body is the most accustomed to, genetically, since we have been hunters for the majority part of our existence on Earth. Thus there are more benefits of protein than we can count on our fingers and we should incorporate it into our diet at all times.


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