Short Fat Burning Workouts for Busy People with No Time for Exercise

Short Fat Burning Workouts for Busy People with no time for exercise Best short fat burning workouts for busy people! If you can’t find time to exercise, and have stubborn fat or a lot of fat to lose, there are fat burning exercises that can be squeezed into your busy schedule and though these exercise workouts are short they will burn fat and create the fat loss you’re desperate for. Forget what you think you know about fat loss and exercise ” particularly abdominal fat loss.

The following exercise principles have been proven by science and will get rid of body fat,  including fat in your gut. The first concept is BURST TRAINING. Burst training exercise is designed to burn fat in as very little time as possible. But you must be willing to accept the basic tenet of burst training: high intensity exercise. Without high intensity these one-minute exercise routines will not burn fat.

Burst training consists of four one-minute exercise routines sprinkled throughout the day. Four is the minimum for beginners though more seasoned exercise enthusiasts will also get results with just four a day. Ideally you want to move up to eight one-minute exercise sessions in a given day. Can you spare eight minutes of exercise in your busy day?

Burst training need NOT be done every day. Do this exercise just three times a week. But alas the one-minute exercise routines must be very demanding; so demanding that a person can do these exercise routines for only…one minute (give or take a few seconds). The following exercise routines can be done to exhaustion in just 60 seconds:

Squat jumps. If you can last longer than one minute squat deeper on the next set. Or jump higher. Tweak it so that after one minute you’re toast.

Jump roping rapidly and/or with a high jump. Beginners may not need to go so rapidly to get spent in only 60 seconds. The other exercises you can do are:

  • Mountain climbers.
  • Squat thrusts
  • Pushups.
  • Running down the street as fast as possible.
  • Running up and down your staircase as fast as possible.
  • Karate kicking.
  • Heavy-bag punching.

The next fat burning exercise is HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING. Spend just 20 minutes on cardio equipment. Warm up for two minutes. Then” every two minutes go as hard as possible for 30 seconds. This means tweak speed pedal resistance pedal angle or incline and go for your life for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds a person should be dying. Do NOT cling onto the machine. This will cheat your body and won’t bring results. Do two 20 minutes sessions per week.

The third fat burning exercise is actually two exercises: BARBELL SQUATS and BARBELL DEAD LIFTS. If your gym time is limited and it’s a weight lifting day replace some of your old workout routines with barbell squats: five sets. On another weight lifting day do six sets of barbell dead lifts.

Beginners will need light barbells maybe just the bar itself and will need instruction in proper form. After proper form is mastered and some conditioning is acquired an individual can start increasing weight. The ultimate objective is to use a weight heavy enough so that the person can’t do more than 10 repetitions. If the individual is doing these correctly with a 10-rep-max he or she should break a sweat within three sets. Take 90 seconds in between sets.

If you incorporates these three exercise principles into your week, the fat will melt off like it’s never melted off before.


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