After Show: 6 Celebrities Undercover Who Lost Weight Fast


#1. 50 Cent

50 Cent was broadly an extraordinarily buff criminal who has been shot a couple times – notwithstanding taking a slug to his jaw. In any case, in the wake of making millions from rapping (and his shares in Vitamin Water – reality) he started taking a shot at a motion picture vocation and a fluid just eating routine consolidated with day by day three-hour treadmill strolls prompted THIS. He lost FOUR stone to play a growth stricken football player suffering from cancer in Things Fall Apart.

#2. Christian Bale

It’s a standout amongst the most notorious pictures when you consider Hollywood stars who shed weight for a part. Christian Bale contracted down to a weak FOUR STONE. In the event that you consider that 50 Cent lost an aggregate of Christian’s whole body mass for his part – it makes it significantly more mind boggling. Christian needed to build up not long after for Batman.

#3. Matthew McConaughey

The burly on-screen character had lost more than three stone – a fourth of his body mass – in a couple short months for his part as an AIDS sufferer in new film Dallas Buyers Club. What’s more, as the Oscar-winning Texas-conceived star now uncovers, he accomplished the compelling weight reduction on next to zero sustenance – making him awful tempered, also greedy. “It was intense going, I’m not going to mislead anybody,” concedes the 43-year-old. “The eating less carbs was really no-nonsense. I was losing 7lb consistently.”

#4. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is the sexiest ladies on the planet yet at the same time needed to take care of business for her part in Black Swan. She must be as agile and petite and full-time ballet dancers. Thinking about her slight figure, she said ‘Level, level, level! There was no shape, no structure, nothing, nothing.’

#5. Natalie Portman

The same circumstance for Natalie Portman who shed 20lbs for featuring in the Oscar designated film. What made her look so intense is that she was ostensibly slimline enough before getting more fit..

#6. Jake Gyllenhaal

The good looking performer profoundly changed his appearance for his new part in motion picture Nightcrawler, as indicated by reports in the US. Jake, 32, looks horrendously thin with his projecting cheek bones and what resembles a liberal flush of Just For Men. Talking about the part he focused on the significance to stay in a “mode where I was dependably somewhat eager.” He admitted: “I think [I’ve lost] presumably somewhat more than 20 pounds, something to that effect.


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