How To Stay Intelligent Towards Party Food During Vacations


A vacation is a time to unwind, to rejuvenate, try new things, celebrate and to see new places. However, for people trying to lose weight, it can also be quite a precarious time, given that you’ll usually be surrounded by your favorite foods, in abundant quantities. If you are embarking on a vacation anytime soon and you want to stay intelligent with what you eat, here are 6 simple ways to stay on a healthy eating pattern and still enjoy yourself even when partying:

1. Resist the urge to splurge

A study by Linda H. Clemens of the consumer science and education department at the University of Memphis, shows that women tend to splurge when they eat out, then eat normal amounts during their other meals in the day, making them end up with an abundance of calories and fat that far exceeds the needs of their bodies for that day.

2. Have it your way

When it comes to table service eat-outs, customers have started asking to have it their way more and more, according to a recent report by the National Restaurant Association. You should have a range of portions to choose from so you can discipline yourself with how much you eat.

3. Enjoy the Scenery and enjoy the food

It won’t make sense to deprive yourself of enjoyable food. The trick is simply making sure you eat with moderation. You may indulge from time to time but when you do, try to have very moderate amounts of delectable foods, instead of feasting on them.

4. Make walking your secret weapon

You don’t have to totally deny yourself of foods you want when you travel, just as long as you remember that you need to burn off the excess calories. One easy way to do this is by doing a lot of cardio exercises such as walking. So when you travel, try going sightseeing a lot, which means you would get a lot of walking, and perhaps cool off with a swim afterwards.

5. You should know that water is your friend.

You should keep all systems running smoothly by drinking your daily water.requirement. You can get dehydrated when you travel, so stock your car, backpacks, and hotel rooms with bottles of water.

6. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortable

It may sound simple, but too many people have gotten out of the habit of only eating when they’re truly hungry. Eating opportunities are all around when you are vacationing but you need to remember to eat only when you are hungry, and even then, to do so in moderation.


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