Ways on How to Be Happy (and Live) Alone


Every human being on this planet is different and unique. Sure, there are some similarities, but mostly, people are as varied as there are a large number of grains of sand on a beach. Thus, it follows that the definition of ‘happiness’ can mean different things for different people.

A common trope that has infiltrated mainstream society to a huge extent is that you need to have a romantic partner or at least a good or best friend with whom you can spend time with, talk with and have an emotional connection with. However, in today’s harsh and cold world, it has become more and more statistically impropable that people will find a compatible romantic partner or have a friend (or friends) who will always be there for you in your times of need.

Thus, in today’s world of technologically connected, but physically isolated world of lonely people, we need to learn ways to cope with this loneliness. At first, it might seem to you that being lonely is a crushing burden that is too hard for you to overcome. The idea of not having a single human being with whom you have a close emotional relationship with, such as a friend or a lover, can be a frightening and scary concept.

However, the reality is actually very different. You CAN survive being alone. What’s even more, you can survive alone and you can THRIVE alone. Being alone is not a disadvantage! You can actually use your loneliness in a lot of productive ways to make your life more meaningful and less caught up in the rat race involving interacting with all sorts of people. You also need to accept who you are, with all your flaws and vices, and learn to live with yourself as that person.

Read the following pointers to learn how to be happy while being alone:

  • Focus on the topics and hobbies that interest you and follow your passion. It could be music, it could be science fiction, it could be foreign movies, it could be anything. Just discover your passions and passionately pursue those passions.
  • Love yourself
  • Your body is a temple. Treat it as a sacred object and take excellent care of your health.
  • Set practical goals for yourself and make small steps each day to achieve those objectives.
  • Force yourself out of your comfort zone. Go to restaurants and other places where people gather together in public and sit there alone. Get used to being around other people.

The following video (poem written and performed by Tanya Davis) will help you a lot in learning how to live a happy life while being alone.


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