After Weight Loss: Coping With Weight Gain Fear


If you are committed to losing weight and then you follow through and actually successfully accomplish a significant loss in weight, you may start to be chronically obsessed with the fear that you will gain all that weight back and become an overweight person again.

This kind of fear can be very harmful to the quality of your life. You may get worried about gaining weight to the point of being overwhelmed by the fear and letting it take control of your life.

The first step needed to overcome your fear of gaining weight again is to stop measuring your weight frequently, such as daily.¬†Amid weight reduction, it’s normal to measure yourself day by day to screen progress. It’s typical this propensity conveys with you into upkeep. Observing your weight, guarantees you’re not picking up. It’s anything but difficult to pick up a pound a month without knowing it and after some time, this can truly include. What’s not ordinary is the way toward measuring yourself bringing on nervousness and trepidation. How you screen your weight amid support truly relies on upon the sort of individual you are. On the off chance that you don’t go nuts over a pound or two variance, then week after week measure ins are adequate for observing. Be that as it may, in the event that you wind up fixating on each pound or two change, then it’s an ideal opportunity to step far from the scale. Rather screen your weight taking into account how your garments fit. While heading off to the specialist, let them know you would prefer not to be weighed or let them measure you without letting you know the number. The scale is a solid propensity for individuals getting more fit, however a sound propensity can be taken too far and turn into an undesirable one. Like any awful relationship, you have to know when to say a final farewell to it and proceed onward.

It’s simple not to perceive your body subsequent to losing a great deal of weight. This permits those silly feelings of trepidation to inch in that you’ll pick up it back overnight. What I’ve done to battle my nonsensical apprehension of putting on weight is putting on an old bra I kept from before my weight reduction. It’s an indication of where I began and how far I’ve come. Whether it’s a couple of pants or a bra, keep one thing around that you can do this correlation. It’s a decent rude awakening.


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