10 Minutes to Tone: For New Mothers


10 Minutes to Tone For New Mothers 1You have recently brought an angel into this world and you have more on your hands than you ever did before. You find yourself exhausted and irritable and you cannot remember the last time you had any free time to yourself. Welcome to motherhood: soon you will now be the driver, best friend, personal assistant, guide and everything in between. As of now, you are the baby’s world and to keep him/her happy you must make sure that you are satisfied

It is important that you spend some time and effort on yourself so you can be your very best for the kid. The top three things that cannot be avoided at any cost are mentioned below:

Eat plenty

You were eating for the baby and yourself during pregnancy and you still need to make sure you eat plenty so that your own energy levels don’t drop. Taking care of a growing child is no jog in the park and you need to have the vital nutrients so that milk-production is not hindered. Couple that with taking care and gaining back your health after delivery and your calories should only see a slight drop as compared to during pregnancy.

Read and inform yourself

You have just entered a new and alien domain and it is important that you know everything there is to know so you are the first person to detect a potential problem. Babies cannot speak and so whatever communication that will be possible from his/her end will be solely based on facial expressions. You need to have all the bases covered and it is important that you read up on the related topics.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Since you will be the one taking major care of the baby it is important that you are alert at all times. The babies irregular sleeping patterns will prevent you from getting a continuous 8 hours of sleep but you must try and sleep when the baby sleeps so that your energy levels can match his own.

There is so much to do and learn when it comes to parenthood and it is no doubt a challenge the first time around but with the help of your family, friends and most importantly your spouse, you will get through it. Before you know it your little baby will be talking, walking and all prepared to take on the world all thanks to you.


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