10 Minutes to Tone: For Pregnant women

10 Minutes to Tone For Pregnant women 1

You are carrying another living being inside you and one cannot stress enough the importance of your own well-being. A happier you means a happier baby and whatever you do with your body will automatically be done to the baby.

Go out and surround yourself with the positivity

Stress levels should be at a minimum so that the baby stays happy and the blood flow through the placenta is unhindered. Try going out to serene locations where you can just relax and breathe in the fresh air. Think of all of the positivity that surrounds you and imagine a perfect world for the baby.  Sit around and watch the sunsets and listen to the birds chirp. Experiments show that towards the end of the pregnancy the baby is aware of the surroundings and the mother should therefore be careful of the places she visits and the activities that she partakes in.

Spend time with your family and friends

Your family and friends constitute the most important people in your life and you must spend time with them. The elders will be there to guide you through every step from cleaning up after the baby to well after he becomes a teenager and their advice is extremely important. Listen intently to them and discuss any doubts that you have. Their experience will serve to relive you of all confusions and worries and you’ll realize that you are not alone.

Nourish yourself and the baby

The baby gets all of his energy through you. Make sure you eat fresh and healthy food so that the baby gets all of his nutrients and that there is enough left over for you as well. You will now have to eat for the two of you and gaining a few extra pound is acceptable since you can get rid of them after the baby’s birth.

Read and inform yourself

The baby will be in your care and you need to be well informed and up to date with the best possible ways to raise him. Read up on books on this genre and discuss the baby’s growth with your doctor as well since he will have the most to offer in terms of technical knowledge.

Raising a baby is a full time job and no matter how hard you do it is impossible to ever be fully ready. It is a journey and not a destination and you will learn the rights and wrongs along the way as time passes. Stay motivated and keep your own health a priority at all times so that the baby and you, both can have fun.


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