Here Are 17 Healthy Habits To Live A Healthier Life..!


It’s popularly said, “Health is wealth”! We all want a healthier life so leave your couch and potato chips and take a start from the simple things. As a nutritionist, Dr. John Briffa quoted, “Simplest things are the best”.

Sudden changes are impossible, but we can add little changes in our lifestyle, in order to increase our health. But how is it possible to develop a healthy life with just a little hard work? Here are some super easy habits to improve our health:

1. Water

Our body is made up of 70% of water and it requires plenty of water for its metabolic activities. Water keeps your skin in better condition and helps maintain homeostatic activities too.

2. Sleep

Sleep is a necessity for an active life, and  healthy adult must sleep for an average 6-8 hours a day!

3. Exercise

Make your body work as much as possible, to keep your body fit and healthy. Try to take stairs rather than lift and you can even use bicycles instead of your car when you you need to cover short to moderate distances.

4. Avoid Canned Foods

Always go for fresh veggies, instead of canned foods for better nutrients. This will help you to live a healthier life.

5. Eat Bright Coloured Foods

Research shows that bright veggies are highly nutritious and make you feel fresh. Moreover, bright veggies are enriched with more antitoxins.

6. Stay Away from Stress

For a healthier life, it’s necessary to stay miles away from stress. Do things which will help you to relax. By so doing, you will feel better and can do your work with a healthy and fresh mind!

7. Be Creative

Spare a day in a week to do creative work, as it refreshes your soul and makes you think positive and productive.

8. Eat Fruits and Salads

Add salads and fruits to your meals, as much as possible. Fruits contain vitamins, which are good for your health.

9. Good Company

A person is recognized by the company they keep! Good company brings positivity in your life, your soul and mind stay fresh, and you can enjoy a healthier life.

10. Cut Down Junk Food

There is no bigger enemy of your health, like junk food. This makes you chubby and lazy. These foods also contain ingredients which are health hazards.

11. Be Adventurous

A good journey and adventures bring happiness into your life. You can think better and tackles the difficulties you face, easier. This also impacts a healthier effect on your life.

12. Stay Away From Drugs

No matter how active you are, smoking and drugs kills you slowly and makes your health worse without knowing.

13. Prefer Movement on Snacks

Whenever we get bored, we start eating snacks which are usually unhealthy. It’s better dancing than eating snacks!

14. Cut off Technology Hours

In your leisure time, instead of watching TV or using your mobile device, go outside and do some physical activity such as enjoying a game of football.

15. Sit Less, Stand More

Sitting the whole day makes your metabolism slow and you will feel lethargic. Try to stand more while doing some work rather than sitting.

16. Juices

Replace your soft drinks with fresh juices, as they make your skin and health better.

17. Shower Daily

Hygienic conditions are most important for a healthier life! Take a shower daily, especially after doing some exercise. This prevents acne and other unhygienic conditions.


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