3 Yoga Stretches to Help Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain


A typical woman can face many physical problems that are generally common to all women. For example, tight hips can be a big discomfort at awkward and unprepared moments.

If you have tight hips, even simple things like sitting down or walking, can cause pain in your hips or lower back area. In this article, we will give you tips about how you can use yoga poses to help reduce and relieve pain in your hips and lower back.

#1. Lizard-Lower Lunge

Lizards are known to have hips that are loose. So in the spirit of a lizard, step your left food forward a few feet in front of your right foot. Then, bend your left knee till it is lined up with your ankle.

Now, descend your right knee to the ground while keeping your toes curled up under that foot in order to stretch the muscles of your calf.

Then move your left foot to your side and put both of your elbows on top of the blocks of the inside edge of your left foot. Thus, keep your hips lined up parallel to one another. The point of this exercise is to open up the right and left muscles of your inner thighs and so, loosen your hips.

#2. The bound ankle pose

The main goal of this pose is to bind your ankles together. The point of binding them is to unbind your hips. To start this pose, bring the soles of your feet till they’re touching one another and then pull both your heels up towards your groin area.

To make yourself more comfortable during this pose, you can place a blanket beneath you, and also keep your back straight and have your shoulders pulled back and folded towards your feet. Stay in this pose for a few minutes and repeat this pose a few times each day. The advantage of this yoga pose is that it will relax and open up your inner groin and thighs.

#3. Cow Face Pose

Begin the cow face pose by pulling your left leg beneath your right leg, similar to how you would sit in a lotus position. Tuck your toes in and defend your knees from getting too uncomfortable.

Sit like this for a few minutes. Soon, you will feel your muscles loosening and no strain of any muscle being stretched. Now, try to fold your back, spinal column, forward, keeping your spine completely straight. If this is too difficult to do, simply place both the bones on a blanket or pillow between your knees.


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