4 Things You Need To Know About Foam Rolling


What is it?

A foam roller consists of a foam cylinder. It is used for relaxing the muscles, using the body’s natural response to pressure. Basically this is an inexpensive way to get a deep-tissue massage.

How is it used?

Place a foam roller underneath your back while lying down, cross your arms in front of you and use your own body weight to press and roll against it. Remember not to roll over any joints or bones, it will do more bad than good. Also its best to warm up before using a foam roller, it will make your efforts more effective. While exercising, keep in mind the trigger points– areas where it will feel sore and will hurt—Rolling onto those areas will be uncomfortable, but not unbearable, and when you are done you will realize how much better you feel. Do not overdo it the first few times, as it will make your body sore. Try working on every muscle for just 10 seconds at first, and then increase it up to 30 seconds.

Why Does It Hurt?

As mentioned before, the pain wont be unbearable. Yes it will make you uncomfortable but every good workout does. Actually when you add load to an overactive muscle the feeling can be relatively tender but it just hurts bad in the start. Also pain is important here, since it acts as a guide, it shows you where you have muscle adhesions to be worked out.

Why should I use it?

This inexpensive equipment does wonders. The best thing about it Is that it loosens up all of your muscles. When you start a workout, your muscles are likely too tight and you can’t do what you want to, to the perfect extent and so the results are not very good. Using a foam roller before exercise can do the trick. Also Foam rolling boosts your circulation, It improves your upper spinal mobility and It’s very beneficial for runner as muscle tension is caused by repetitive motion and so runners often struggle with tight leg and hip muscles.


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