5 Yoga Myths Debunked


Many of you that have practiced yoga or even considered it must have heard of multiple myths related to yoga. These myths spread quite a lot of negativity about yoga. Many of you guys may have declined the idea of doing yoga based upon the myths you heard. But in reality, almost none of the yoga myths have any legitimateness. These are just made upon by people that have tried yoga and failed miserably at it.

Doing yoga on a daily basis can help in making your routine extremely inspiring as well as fulfilling. The knowledge endorsed from the practice is quite transformative for many. This article will kill all those myths stuck in your mind in a go, giving you all the motivation to buy that yoga matt you’ve always wanted.

#1. Only For Hippies:

Many people would use this fact to support their anti-yoga logics. It is completely false I must say. There may be people in your class with a seriously worrying hippie appearance. But in any way, does not mean you should stop going to yoga class. Yoga is an immaculately healthy activity for people from all professions. Whether you are an athlete or a working mother, yoga may be your escape from all the stress in that top cabinet of yours.

#2. Only For Women:

Picture a person doing yoga in your mind. Is that a woman? Yes it is! The fault isn’t at your end it’s just a general misconception. Any yoga class you pass by, I can assure you the number of men in that class will surely be less than the number of dollar bills in a homeless guy’s pocket. How will men understand how it feels if they don’t even give it a shot? I myself have tried it and guarantee that you’ll find awesomeness in those yoga pants.

#3. Only Yoga Pants:

One other wrong assumption that many people make is that yoga can only be done while wearing yoga pants. No you don’t need a specific set of clothing to go to class. Yoga is to make the body relax and feel free. You can do that by wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in. Who knows you might end up setting a new trend.

#4. Only For Flexible People:

Here is another one. I’ve heard this from a couple of people and it wasn’t even funny anymore with all these myths piling up. How will a person increase his flexibility if he won’t work on it in the first place? Yoga is a journey my pals. It will start from your ankles and move towards your head helping every muscle out on the way.

#5. It Makes You Look Funny:

If doing exercises and bending a few muscles looks funny to you, then you may just have a good laugh. It is a healthy activity no matter what people say about it. Actually you know what’s funny? The amount of people that believe this.


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