6 Reasons Cancer Rates have Skyrocketed since Your Grandparent


We are the part of a society which allows the sale of cancer-causing alcohol and cigarettes , advertisement of fast foods, a leading cause of deaths – pharmaceuticals, to be prescribed but utilizing cannabis, that is strictly forbidden and illegal because it’s one of the most powerful therapeutic plants in the world. Nowadays, cancer is everywhere. But have you ever thought why the number of its victims are increasing day by day? Here are 6 reasons why cancer rates have skyrocketed since your grandparent:

1. Deficiency of Nutritions

If you are not providing sufficient raw materials to your body to maintain homeostasis, then how do you expect that cancer cells will stay away from you? The majority eats fat-free diets and are not fulfilling the nutrition requirements of a body.

2. Increased Estrogen Levels

Until 1960, birth control pill was not introduced. When the first high estrogen oral contraceptive Enovid was approved by the FDA. According to Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., “Cancer, abnormal blood clotting, and infertility were known to be caused by estrogen before 1940, but at the same time the drug companies began calling estrogen “the female hormone,” and claiming that it would improve fertility.”

3. Improper Nutrition Inhibiting the Liver’s Ability

Estrogen must be detoxified by the liver, as it’s seen as a poison after it’s served its purpose in the body: According to Ray Peat, Ph.D. “Normally, the liver treats estrogen-like a poison, removing it immediately from the body. If the liver gets sluggish from malnutrition or too much estrogen (or other damage), it can allow the hormone to build up to very high levels”

4. Introduction of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil was introduced at the start of this century. Do you know that polyunsaturated fats i.e. vegetable oil can damage the whole system of our body? even though if you’ll avoid its use at home you will be still its victim every time when you will be a restaurant.

5. Increased Stress

Our body’s ability to fight, face and respond to stress depends on our nutrition level. If we are not having a proper diet? if we are not absorbing all the nutrients by digesting our food properly, then how do we expect from our body to maintain homeostasis, which helps to keep healthy and disease free? So keep yourself away from all sort of mental, environmental, and emotional stress.

6. Advantage of Cancer Industry

Cancer – a million dollar business? Yes! Because the growth and survival of cancer industry depend on the number of its patients.

It’s your fault! Because have developed such a body environment which allows cancer to grow. So it’s the time to make a change, to built a body environment that prevents cancer.


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