8 Weight Loss Snacks

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It is difficult to lose weight when you have a bad habit of snacking. The best way to counter this problem is by making sure that you snack healthy. We have brought together the 8 top foods to snack on with little to no damage to your weight loss struggle.

Dark Chocolate

This is probably not what you were expecting right on top of the list. Eat dark chocolate in small amounts to boost your metabolism and ensure a healthy combustion of calories.

Strawberry Shake

It does not necessary have to be a strawberry shake you could go for a smoothie as well but the important thing here is to satisfy your craving with something that would placate it for the longest time possible while making sure that the fat content is at the minimum. This means that after you have had a few sips of the shake, you would not want to eat anything else. In the long run that is beneficial.

Non fat greek yoghurt

The probiotics in yoghurt help with digestion and make sure that the lipids are not stored. Instead they are used almost immediately or forwarded on for excretion.

Wholegrain Cereal

Wholegrain is high in fiber and since fiber makes you feel full quicker, you need not worry about consuming too many calories. Just make sure that if you have your cereal with milk, the milk is skimmed and/or low fat.

Baby Carrots

They are great to snack on any time of the day and these bite sized treats will fill you up before you know it. With next to no fat, this is the perfect healthy snack food.

Salted Popcorn

Leave the butter and the caramel out on this one and just snack on salted popcorn between meals. Corn like all other grains have high fiber content and low fat content. Your hunger will be satiated quickly and you will not have gained fat either.

White Meat Turkey

The high protein content with minimum fat is the best for your body if you’re looking to lose weight. Snack on a few slices and keep your metabolism running.

Frozen Berries

Rich in antioxidants, berries will instantly increase your metabolism and your body will burn more calories than ever before. Freezing them adds to the fun of eating as they will serve as a good alternative to ice cream.

The reason for weight gain and obesity is not eating only, but infact the problem lies with eating unhealthy things. The above list of snacks targets this exact problem and provides the solution. Eat healthy and you will never have to count your calories.


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