Cannellini and Cabbage Soup to Help You Lose Belly Fat


When white fat increased in your abdomen, it indicates some serious health trouble. Besides obesity, you’re also at increased risks of heart disease and diabetes. However, the people who have normal weight have some belly fat that sounds normal. But too much belly fat can affect your health in a variety of ways. Some of the fat is under your skin, another fat is deeper inside, around many vital organs. Check out the benefits of cannellini and cabbage and soup recipe for losing belly fat.


White kidney beans are called Cannellini beans, they are high-fiber beans that are very popular in Italy. These beans are used in a number of recipes because they have a unique and mild flavor and are available anywhere. Cannellini beans are low-cost and are typically sold fresh or canned, so they can be stored for a long time. In addition to being widely available and inexpensive, these beans are beneficial for losing belly fat. They are also rich in helpful nutrients as fiber and protein.

Calorie Content

Because calories are our body’s source of energy, the calorie content is balancing the amount we eat with the amount we burn is the key to weight management. Cannellini beans have a lesser amount of calories, so can be beneficial for weight loss. Each half-cup serving contains 90 calories. However, an adult can consume 2000 calories per day, 90 calories only comprise only 5 percent of the daily suggested intake for an adult.


The health benefits of cabbage are really amazing include use as a treatment for constipation, arthritis, headaches, stomach ulcers, obesity,  eczema, scurvy, skin disorders, jaundice, rheumatism,   eye disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Cabbage for Weight Loss

Cabbage is highly recommended for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way. Since it has large amounts of fiber. Each cup of cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories. Therefore, people can use the most popular “cabbage soup” diet and eat healthy food, without gaining excess weight!

Cannellini and Cabbage Soup


  • 1 Large finely diced onion
  • 12 lb finely diced carrots
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1(16 ounces) package jimmy dean
  • 1 tomatoes,
  • 14 head julienne sliced Savoy cabbage
  • 2 (15 1/2 ounce) cans cannellini beans


  1. In a large soup cooker, sauté the onions and carrots in the olive oil.
  2. When they have softened, add the sausage.
  3. Once the sausage is cooked through, add the tomato, cabbage, beans, and broth.
  4. Let the soup cook for 30 minutes.

Here’s why I Adore the Cannellini and Cabbage Soup Diet:

  • It really works!! Cut your calories for a brief period of time while drinking plenty of water and you’ll lose weight



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