6 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying Cardio Workout Clothes


When you take a part in the cardio exercise, your heart starts pumping faster and you’re trying to take in more oxygen to provide to the whole body, this process is automatic and necessary to maintain your workout. When you take in more oxygen, you might breathe more heavily, this process leads to a rise in your core temperature. In other words, you start sweating. Keeping that in mind, your clothes are going to affect workout especially cardio fitness. These clothing may include footwear shirts and shorts. Sample cardio workouts are swimming, bike riding, walking, running and rowing workouts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing what to wear for your next cardio workout.

1. Choosing Uncomfortable Clothes

The number one principle in workout clothes is keeping yourself comfortable. It allows full range of motion and also prevents from scratching and chafing. Your body should really move during entire exercise; comfortable clothing helps you to move the body easily. So during your cardio, try to use loose shirts and shorts that might result in relaxation, not suffering.

2. Wear  Clothes with Flexible Fabrics

Clothes are made of fabric, so comfortable clothes are made of comfortable fabrics. Fabrics should be flexible, temperature specific and moisture-wicking that will make you be comfortable while exercising.

3. Use Cotton t-shirt during cardio

100% pure cotton activewear isn’t the perfect choice for a cardio workout. Cotton absorbs moisture easily, so it can cause irritation.

4. Keeping Jewelry and/or Watch on

Most people have one jewelry item or accessory that they never take off, whether a watch, a ring or any piece of jewelry. However, you are at a risk of damaging precious jewelry by striking it against a weight while you are on a machine. It may also cause an allergic reaction, so put down it before cardio.

5. Wear Your Workout Clothes On Next Workout

You may sweat a lot during exercise; sweating has an unpleasant odor that no one wants to smell. So be honest, don’t re-wear workout clothes.

6. Shoes and Socks Not Fit for Your Feet

It’s crucial to choose shoes that are a perfect fit for your feet and provide the support you need for different workouts. Unfitted shoes may create the problem by rubbing your feet and causing blisters. The right pair of socks is also vital while you are participating in cardio. The pair of socks should also make that type of fabric that is flexible, temperature specific and moisture-wicking.

By using all the guiding tips may results in an absolute relaxation during cardio.


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