Eat Clean Healthy Snacks Anywhere


Clean healthy snacks are those that aren’t laden with saturated fats, sugars, and preservatives. However, these aren’t always easy to access when you’re on the go. We all know the scenario—you’re running late and rushing out the door with no time for a proper meal, and you think to yourself ‘I’ll grab something on the way’. However, the bad thing about being hungry when you’re out and about is that the things that are conventionally easy to grab and go are the unhealthy, processed, packaged stuff, which will wreak havoc on your waistline and cause you to pile on the pounds.

So what’s the solution? I am obviously not going to suggest never getting hungry while you’re on the go! No. The trick is to plan ahead by having tidy portable snacks on hand. Below are a few clean healthy snacks you can take with you anywhere.

1. Fresh and Dried Fruit

Fruit is great. Healthy, delicious and portable. Before you go out, grab a banana, an apple, a handful of grapes, or any other fruit of your choice. If it’s easier for you, you can chop them up into smaller bits and store them in a plastic Tupperware box. Apart from helping you stave off the hunger pangs, they’re full of water, fiber, nutrients, antioxidants and natural sugars that will keep you full of energy.

If you’re not a fan of fresh fruit, dried fruit could be a great alternative. Look out for banana chips, apple or peach slices, mango or pineapple. Make sure to go for the unsweetened types by looking at the ingredients and checking that they contain nothing more than the fruit itself.

2. Dark Chocolate

You’re probably confused now. Clean, healthy snacks and chocolate don’t seem to belong in the same sentence. But dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) is a great anti-oxidant and appetite suppressant. All you need is a couple squares and you’re good to go.

3. Nut butter and honey wraps

Wraps are perfect for portability, but the fillings usually require refrigeration and often get mushy when not eaten right away. To solve this problem, fill your wrap with your favorite all natural nut butter and some honey. If you like your wrap a little crunchy, add some mixed nuts and some seeds like flax or sunflower.

4. Trail Mix

My personal favorite! I always have a little stash stowed away in my handbag.  This very handy snack is a variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, coconut flakes and any other crunchy bits. Some people even add popcorn (which on its own with no added sugar or butter can be a clean healthy snack too). However, be sure to watch your portion sizes. This snack packs a hefty nutritious punch but is also full of calories. A little will go a long way.

So there you have it. If eating on the go has been a problem for you, you need not worry anymore. Just make sure you prepare ahead of time—make your wraps, your trail mix, chop up your fruit and just grab them when you’re running out the door.


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