Embrace the SUCK to Burn Belly Fat


There is a popular notion that life does not always go in the manner we desire, and to attain certain heights, we must some unpleasant sacrifices. In the same manner, there are also times when you will have to go out of your comfort zone to have the size of belly that you desire, times when you will have to punish yourself just to see that you lose the fat in your belly that makes you feel uncomfortable. Here’s where you need to embrace the suck. This is an old military phrase that is used to motivate a soldier to go through ‘shit’ so as to attain their target. Here’s how you can embrace the suck to achieve your goal of burning belly fat:

#.1 Decide what you want

To be able to embrace the suck to burn belly fat, you must first of all decide on what exactly you want. You must make up your mind that you want to burn your belly fat. Once you have decided, it becomes easier for you to focus your energy to achieve your goal.

#.2 Suck it in

This is a simple exercise that involves you consciously pulling in your tummy for a certain amount time. This exercise contracts your stomach muscles, making them stronger and giving a fine tuning to your belly. This exercise also helps in improving your posture.

#.3 Fiber up your diet

When trying to burn your belly fat, you must see to ensure that you reduce your intake of starchy foods, substituting them with foods that are high in fiber, such as: Oats, brown rice, vegetables, fruits etc.

#.4 Focus on exercises that target your belly

The final step is to focus on exercises that particularly target your belly instead of just doing general exercises. Some of these exercise are: sit-ups, planks, leg raises, etc. You must pedal to the medal while performing these exercises

As inconvenient as they may seem, if you will just use these tips to embrace the suck, your belly will be fined tuned in no time.


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