4 Tricks to Eat Less During Day And Lose Weight


You may have decided to lose weight, start a diet plan and exercise as well. While this resolve of yours is admirable, you should not expect your motivation levels to last throughout all the days, weeks, months and even years that you need to stay healthy.

You should set your goal that you will consciously decide to eat less than you normally do on a usual day before you decided to start losing weight and eating less. Here are a few tricks that you can use to learn how to adapt to eating less food than normal for the rest of your life.

#1. Take pleasure in every single bite

Once you have decided to eat less every day, learn to appreciate the food that you do eat There are many benefits to eating slowly and chewing slowly and patiently. When you focus on every bite you take, you can learn to practice mindful eating, which has been proven to be effective at reducing calorie intake. Thus, eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

#2. Eat your meals on smaller plates

By using a smaller plate for your meals than you have been using for meals before this time, your brain will be tricked into thinking that you are eating just as much food as you would have put on a regular sized plate. So use smaller plates, bowls, cups etc for all your food and beverage needs, so that you take less of them than before.

#3. Make portions of your food before-hand

It is not practically possible for you to measure the amount of calories and fibers you intake every single day. Therefore, prepare portions of food servings beforehand. You can do this at night or early in the morning before leaving for work/studies.

Consider this example to understand how effective this method is. If you buy a packet of potato chips, then normally you would eat all the potato chips in one go.However, if you pre-prepare the chips into two servings, you will be eating half of them in one meal session.

#4. Start a food journal

Keeping a diary about your food intake is a great method to lose weight. This has been confirmed by several studies. People who keep careful track of how much and what they eat have a chance of losing weight that is double that of people who don’t keep a food journal.

Keeping a food journal will make you conscious of how much and what you eat every day and you will be more motivated to eat healthier foods and less amounts of unhealthy foods.


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