3 Essential Steps To Prepare Yourself For Fat Loss Success


When Heather Lemanski decided it was time to lose some of her 210 pounds, she knew she needed to prepare herself and start slow. She said, “I allowed myself to eat whenever I wanted but I stayed around 200 calories a day”. Setting a simple, specific goal paid off: she lost 3 pounds in the first week. Heather finally cut her calories to 1, 800 a day and built up her exercise volume. She lost 75 pounds after a year’s hard work.

It’s really not just about changing old habits. You have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, before trying a new diet or starting an exercise regimen. Follow these three guidelines to prepare yourself for fat loss success:

1. Pay your doctor a visit

Being obese or overweight can cause a variety of diseases and conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Before you embark start working out or attempt to alter your diet, you have to get your doctor to check your blood pressure and your blood cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride levels. The doctor will be able to let you know if you are ready to begin a weight loss program, and may also be able to offer tips for easing into the workout routine.

Also make sure you mention any medications you are taking.

2. Don’t compare

So many diets don’t offer research that proves they actually work at helping people shed weight and keep it off. You should also be mindful that heredity plays a role in your body type and your weight. So you should not necessarily compare yourself to your frail, thin-looking sister as that won’t help you lose weight or improve your confidence.

3. Set goals that you can reach

Focusing on the small, attainable goals will lead to long term healthy changes. If you set hard to reach goals, failing to reach them could lead to you slipping back into your old habits. You can set goals by following these simple tips:

  • Write them down
  • Be specific about your goals
  • Take things a step at a time
  • Remember your overall health should be your number 1 priority

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