How To Refresh Your Hormones And Reduce Fat In A Natural Way


Hormonal imbalance is associated with fatigue and difficulty in sleeping, and fatigue suggest problems with the thyroid (the gland that produce stress hormones), which can result in major weight gain. Weight gain and fatigue are usually the result of hormonal imbalances, although weight gain can also suggest a diet with too many sweets and starches. The intolerance of carbohydrate, meaning the hormone insulin isn’t working properly, is usually the culprit.

When you focus on fixing the underlying dysfunctions, which are the imbalances in the hormones, your hormones will find a nice, healthy balance, no matter what age you are. I have put together 5 natural ways to refresh your hormones and reduce fat below:

1. Cut back on sweets and starches

Consuming too much of these can set your hormones on a very wild race. So you would be doing yourself a great favor by eliminating sweets and starches altogether for two weeks to see how your body works.

2. Reduce intake of grains, legumes and high sugar fruits for two weeks

Unknowingly, you may be carbohydrate intolerant. Over-eating these carbs may cause a very big problem in metabolism for people who are insulin-resistant or cant processes carbohydrates efficiently.

3. Eat more healthy fat

Not all fats are bad as many people erroneously think. Too few good fats on your platter will short change your body’s ability to produce the hormones that boost energy, feelings of being full and halt cravings.

4. Be a good microbiome

What does this mean? Feed your gut with a lot of immunity supporting fermented foods and belly benefiting fiber to support good bacteria and keep bad bacteria in check. This doesn’t only keep digestion and elimination running smoothly, but also helps hormone function.

5. Avoid reactive, inflammatory foods.

For starters, make sure to stay away from sugar, gluten, processed foods and junk food, as they over work your immune system, gut and endocrine system.

With these few natural steps, you will have your hormones restarted, refreshed and have your immune system running smoothly.


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